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A biomedical engineer and a professor at the University of Alberta in Canada says that a salt-coated mask can possibly block and kill viruses.

The surface of the mask will eventually collect droplets with viruses if exposed to viruses and is difficult to sanitize without losing its filtering efficacy.  When a mask gets wet from sneezing, breathing, coughing, the filter of a mask loses its ability to block pathogens.  cinnamon

But when a droplet of viruses meet salt, it absorbs the salt and dries out.  Then what’s left are the viruses and crystallized salt.  The hard and sharp crystalline structure of the salt can pierce viruses and inactivate them.  

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Although it is my personal thinking derived from this study, it might be an idea to keep your reusable mask on a bed of salt in a box after washing them in hot water.  At minimum, it would keep the mask dry.  It has been very difficult to find these mask in high current demand.

Share your opinion on this.  I would like to know what other people to think.

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