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This is something good to know.  We are now calling a new Corona virus case in California ‘Community Transmission’.  It means the person got infected even though he/she had not traveled to risk countries nor was in direct contact with another with the disease.

Well, viruses can survive a certain period of time if the infected coughs and leaves fluid droplets in the surrounding.  Viruses can stay on surfaces for

5 minutes on regular skin (arm, leg, etc.)

15 minutes on paper such as tissues  

24 hours on cardboard                               

4 hours if the droplets fall in an office space   hand sanitizer

2 or 3 days on nonporous metal or plastic surfaces (** Now they are saying Corona viruses can live up to 9 days.)

This means, if you ride in an elevator where the infected person was in and touches the button with viruses lingering on its surface, it is possible to get infected theoretically.

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So, please wash your hands frequently! 

Never touch your face with your hand after being in a public space such as subway, etc.

Also, consider wearing gloves (and sanitize them when you get home and take them off). 

Please do this to protect yourself and loves ones.  Also, it will help stop spreading of the virus!


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