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Black currant is a dark berry that grows in central and northern Europe and northern Asia.  It is smaller than blueberries.

black currant  

Two studies in 2003 demonstrate that black currants could potentially fight off various viruses by either inactivating them or inhibiting virus replication.

A study in 2003 (in vitro) showed that a dosage of 10 microgram/mL of the crude fruit extract of wild black currant inactivated influenza virus types A and B up to 99%.  It completely suppressed the growth of influenza viruses when the cells were treated with 10 and 100 microgram/mL of the extract for 6 hours after infection.

The extract, basically, stops the virus from being released from the infected cells.  corona virus

Black currant extract was studied against herpes viruses in another 2003 study and was shown that it, in vitro, inhibits virus replication in cells.  The extract prevents the virus (herpes simplex type 1) from attaching itself to cell membrane completely at a 100-fold dilution as well as the plaque formation by other viruses (herpes simplex virus type1 & 2 and varicella-zoster virus) by 50% at 1 400-fold dilution or lower concentrations.

By inhibiting protein synthesis in infected cells from the early stage of infection, it stops the virus from replicating in cells.

In addition, black currants contains more vitamin C than oranges, which strengthens your immune system.    black currant

And antioxidants and GLA (gamma-linolenic acids) in black currant also helps with dry eyes, eye fatigue and Glaucoma.

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black currant

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