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The benefits of Jujube:  Dried jujube make healthy snacks!

When I was growing up in Korea, we had a Jujube tree in our backyard.  I loved that tree.  It was a joy to shake the tall tree and pick its fruits as they fall to the ground.  This is my sweet childhood memory.  Little did I know back then these little greenish red tart fruits come with excellent health benefits.  And maybe that's why I have very young smooth skin, who knows.  All I knew was they tasted crispy, sweet and tart.  They are sometimes called Chinese dates.  Jujube has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia at least 2500 years in history.      jujube tree

I carry them with me to for snack to get me through long work days. It helps me skip on cookies or other junk food. 

They are good for:  

1.   Anti-aging:  Removes free radicals that cause aging.  Abundant in minerals and fiber, it prevents aging.  Beta carotene in jujube is an antioxidant that delays aging and prevents various of chronic diseases

2.   Immunity:  Abundant Vitamin C, 80 times more than an apple, it strengthens the immunity fighting cold, lung and respiratory diseases.

3.  High Blood pressure:  High in potassium content, it helps keeping the blood vessels relaxed so that blood can flow smoothly.

4.   Nerves:  helps relaxing the nervous system relieving anxiety or stress.  It has sedative effects.

5.   Circulation    It also has warm (Chi) property, thus good for cold hands and feet.  Also, rich in iron and phosphorous, it promotes blood circulation.  Good for people who feel cold like me.

6.   Bone Health:  Loaded with calcium, phosphorous and iron, it prevents osteoporosis and other bone conditions.

7.   Joint health:   It has anti-inflammatory effects, thus beneficial for arthritis and rheumatis.

8.   Liver health:  Helps remove toxin out of body and also neutralizes toxin.  Saponins in jujube detoxify the blood and remove harmful toxins out of the body.  Good for liver.   sleep

9.   Insomnia.  Jujube fruits and seeds contain flavonoids-saponins and polysaccharides.  Saponin has been known to be a natural sleep inducer.  It has sedative qualities that relax the nervous system.

10.   Fights cancer-  Phenolics in jujube are antioxidant.  Many studies have shown a strong correlation between phenolic contents and antioxidant potential of fruits and vegetables (Ref.). 

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