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Sleep is Important.

What if I told you sleep is one of the most important things in life?  It is essential to your health and success.  A seemingly insignificant detail in life could either really make success or do much damage to your life if we don’t pay attention.

We all know that if we don’t get enough sleep, we feel groggy the next day and are not as productive as we could be.  We are slow-going and postpone the things that we need to be attend until later.  Our reaction time is slower than normal.  Your mind, instead of being clear, is in a foggy cloud, unable to have a crystal sharp focus crystal.  You miss important details in a meeting or reading a crucial document.  Your performance level during the day ends up being subpar.  Your colleagues gradually notice you are not very sharp.  Its cumulative effects over an extended period of time like 5-10 years or longer can really hinder your success in career.  You constantly fall behind your peers because their mind is sharper than yours.  After all, life is a competition.

It is sufficient sleep that helps you keep your mind sharp the next day being able to perform at your best, complete tasks efficiently and fully enjoy the day.  You are to enjoy and function daily full of energy with a clear focus, not in a haze.

Scientifically, it is a known fact that sleep helps brain work properly.  While you sleep, it is forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information.  Sleep improves learning whether it is learning Physics, playing a musical instrument, playing golf or tennis, etc.  It also helps you focus and make good decisions.  And creativity requires a clear mind and energy.

Sleep is also involved in healing and repairing not only your cells and tissues but also your heart and blood vessels and regulating hormones.  Also, your immune system is heavily dependent upon sufficient sleep to fight off infectious diseases.

Obvious culprits that deprive sleep are excessive alcohol consumption, stress and overcommitting yourself professionally and socially.  But there is another less obvious culprit that manages to steal your precious sleep under the radar.  It is weird energy.  What do I mean?

Weird energy occurs when others push something you don’t want or simply don’t feel right about. You can’t say outright ‘NO’ when you actually should for some idiotic reason.  People try to impose selfish motives and desires on you all the time in life, sometimes subtly or more aggressively depending on the personality.

For example, I had a colleague at workplace who would constantly text me when it was clear that I had no romantic interest in him.  Because I was unable to handle it upfront, it went on for months until I finally nerved up and to let him know thatI wanted him to stop.  Or it could be a business client who tries to impose some other personal interest than just business.  I was under stress for weeks, even worse, for months due to these unwanted situations since I was unable to deal with things upfront.

From these and other similar experiences where I feel tension or weird energy, I learned that weird energy could you feel disoriented, which, in turn, disturb your sound sleep essential to your health and optimal performance in life.  We are energy-beings and weird energy disturbs our mind-body equilibrium.

My lesson here is to do yourself a favor please by being mindful of the importance of your restful sleep.  And avoid unwanted weird energy.  It is always best to deal with things at the beginning upfront than letting it drag out and putting yourself under nonsense and stress longer than necessary.  It, simply, is not worth it!  It affects your health, success and happiness, ultimately.

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