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When you walk into a subway station in Seoul, Korea, you see these ads for plastic surgery all over the wall.  And Seoul has become well-known for its plastic surgery in the world. 

A Russian woman I met says she wants to go to Korea for a face life.  The other day, I walk into my doctor's office in Brooklyn who is very sweet.  We were chatting and he said that he wants to get a fat graft on his face.  Although I was a little surprised, I am familiar with this surgery from Seoul.  He says, "Seoul is a surgery city, I know".  His awareness and remark shocked me. 

For Korean girls, this is well known at this point.  It is a surgery that transfers your own fat from your thigh or butt to fill up your cheek volume that gets lost with age. This looks more natural compared to artificial fillers such as Juvederm or others. Fillers tend to look lumpy over time because your natural fat and muscle in your face diminishes while artificial fillers stay the same.  This will make your facial surface uneven over time, which looks very unattractive.  Korean Plastic Surgery

I was in Seoul in February.  Subway station walls are plastered with plastic surgery clinic ads with beautiful, young, perfect-looking girls. Some of them go thru quite comprehensive array of surgeries such as nose, eyes, forehead, chin, V-line face-lifting, breast implants, etc, and some others I have no idea about.  And they will cost you in the range of $800 - $10,000 or more depending on the type of procedure and the clinic.   

There is a plastic surgery clinic literally in every block on Gangnam (as in the song "Gangnam Style").  There are hundreds. So how do you choose? 

First, make sure he is a reputable plastic surgeon.  From my experience, you have to choose a doctor who is very experienced and has performed at least over 100 surgeries to understand the complications and difficulties of surgery.  Not just someone who decided to switch from internal medicine to plastic surgery overnight just because he can make more money. 

Another factor is the style of the surgeon.  He has to have a sense of beauty (hopefully, has artistic sense) and style, has a vision and is skilled with his hands.  Every surgeon seems to have his own style or what he prefers or at least what he views as beautiful.  For instance, one particular surgeon might prefer a round double eye lines versus another might prefer a little wider and elongated double eye lines.  You really have to look at his book of what he has done with other patients (they are available on their websites or in the books inside clinics) and determine whether he can deliver what you want. 

There are a few I know that are quite well-known:

Braun Plastic Surgery is well-known for their reconstructive surgery for nose.  The style of Kim, Taekyu, M.D., the principal surgeon is a natural look:    

Seri Plastic Surgery is well-known for their reconstructive surgery for double eye lines:

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