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Honey is the nectar from flowers that bees collect and store. Raw honey is the best to use because filtering and pasteurizing process removes the beneficial nutrients like the pollen, enzymes and antioxidants.   

Its benefits are: 

1.  Moisturizing & Anti-aging 

Honey is a humectant. It draws moisture from the air and seals in the skin.  It also eliminates the bacteria that causes acne.     

It contains many antioxidants like flavonoids that neutralize free radicals in the body.  Vitamin C in honey stimulates collagen production.  Vitamin B and minerals help maintaining firm skin. 

If you spread a thin layer of honey or a mask on your face, it hydrates your skin and keeps bacteria and wrinkles away. 

2.  Helps with Allergies 

If you eat local honey during allergy season, it acts as a natural vaccine because honey contains little amounts of pollen.  Your body will make antibodies to pollen.  It is suggested you consume locally-produced honey.  It makes sense because you want to build defense against local pollen, not from far away.  

3.  Anti-microbial and Wound-healing 

Honey has components that make a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in a slow manner (straight hydrogen is unstable and rapidly loses its effectiveness when exposed to air or light). When honey comes into contact into skin or bodily fluid, an enzyme breaks down glucose into hydrogen.  This is why it has been used to treat wounds and burns since ancient Egypt leaving very little scar.  It is also effective against bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.  Especially, Manuka Honey can be used to treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 

4.  Soothes Coughs 

Honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and coats a protective film over throat.  It cleans the throat and protect from infection.  A study of 105 children showed that buckwheat raw honey outperformed Dextromethorphan(DXM or DM) in suppressing coughs at night (Not suitable for babies under 1 years old).  Drink honey + lemon tea often to sooth coughs. 

5.  Boosts Energy  

It is a quick energy booster when you feel tired because it’s simple sugars, glucose and fructose get absorbed readily into the blood stream. Great with breakfast or afternoon tea.  My cousin always carried a small jar of honey with her to fight fatigue. 

6.  Boosts Memory 

Its abundant antioxidants and other beneficial compounds provide protective effects to brain cells.  Raw honey helps absorb calcium for maintaining cellular communication in the brain. 

7.  Aids Sleep 

Honey contains sleep-inducing amino acid “tryptophan”.  Unlike processed sugars, honey raises blood sugar level only slightly. As Level slowly rises, tryptophan enters our brain and get converted into serotonin.  Serotonin eventually converts to sleep-inducing melatonin in the dark. 

It has another benefit of aiding in getting deep sleep by suppressing arousal hormone. 

8.  Boosts Immune System 

Raw honey contains propolis.  It is the wax substance bees use to close the openings of hive.  It is plentiful in unfiltered honey and has active compounds that are anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial and boost the immune system. 

It also helps cleanse and build up your digestive system, which is essential for overall good health

9.  Helps with Acid Reflux 

There have been many research that indicate that honey reduces symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.  Honey lines the esophagus, which helps inflammation or damage.   

Try to consume 1 ts before meals and add it to a cup of warm tea before bed.    Oregano oil

10. Treats Sinus  

If you eat ½ to 1 ts of honey each day or evening before bed, sinus symptom is supposed to decrease within several mpnths.  I am still yet to try this.  I am going to start tonight and will update later. 


Spiritual properties:

Honey is connected to abundance, wealth and sweetness in life.   In ancient Egypt, it was considered royal food and large jars of honey were buried in the pharaoh's tomb.  When King Tut's tomb was open, a 2,000-year-old jar of honey was found, perfectly edible since honey does not spoil!

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