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I used to have a full set of hair but went into a shock one day noticing bald spots on my head and much thinner hair than before.  I intensely began researching to fight hair loss.  If you have thinning hair or losing hair like me, this method seems to be effective so far.  And I want to share it with you since I have seen real results with myself and friends, meaning slowing and stopping hair loss by using all three things below in combination: 

  1. Take Biotin 2,500- 5,000 mg daily ( I take 5,000mg) -  Biotin improve the keratin infrastructure (a basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails).
  2.  Minoxidil  -  Applied topically to the scalp, it only works if your hair loss is a  result of female pattern baldness and not some other condition.
  3.  Ell-Cranell (expensive and difficult to buy since it is from Germany.  It is supposed to inhibit DHT and there are other options to block DHT). 

As you know, it is DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) that damages hair follicles causing them to shrink and die eventually.  Then healthy hair cannot grow any more

An enzyme called "5- alpha reductase" binds with a certain percentage of testosterone in the body and converts it into DHT (We all have testosterone in our body). This byproduct, DHT, is far more potent than testosterone and makes hair thinner and, eventually, fall out.   So, you want to stop this binding of testosterone and 5-alpha reductase as much as possible in order to fight hair loss.

Hair Follicle

There are a few things that block DHT;            

Saw Palmetto 

Grapeseed oil      evening primrose oil

Evening Primrose oil (Read more here)    

You have to remove DHT from your hair follicles at least once week or even twice a week.  To do this,  

    • Mix Grapeseed oil, Saw Palmetto (powder from a capsule) and  a few drops of Rosemary Oil  (this stimulates hair growth) and massage your scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes and shampoo.
                Read more at:

        I alternate these two on weekly basis.     peppermint oil

        You might also want to switch shampoo to a more gentle shampoo that does contain less surfactant.

        -  Use Biotin shampoo to thicken hair. You can buy Biotin shampoo or Saw Palmetto at iherb. is one of the best and decently-priced health supplement website.  I buy most of my supplements there.

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        -  Eat eggs and nuts such as almonds, walnuts or others on regular basis.- rich in Biotin

        -  Reduce stress in your life. 

        I am doing all these and, at least, I know I can either slow or stop further hair loss with aging and have healthy scalp and hair. 

        This post contains affiliate links.

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