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Are you getting enough Sun daily?  Vitamin D is produced from our skin from sunlight.  Then it gets transported to liver and kidney. In kidney, it changes into an active hormone that facilitates calcium absorption from food in the small intestine.  It also promotes mineralization of the collagen matrix in bone.  We all know the importance of calcium to prevent osteporosis.

Unfortunately, vitamin D cannot be found in many foods but can be found in fortified. milk, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.  So, it is difficult to get adequate daily amount from food only.  

In addition to its skeletal health, vitamin D plays an important role in immune system maitaining healthy immue system.

Our immune cells (B cells, T cells and antigen presenting cells) express vitamin D receptors and are capable of synthesizing the active vitamin D metabolite.  Vitamin D can modulate our innate and adaptive immune responses.  Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection.

Recently, there have been studies showing that the optimum level of vitamin D will reduce horrific COVID-19 complications.  It might be due to the fact it is important in regulating and suppressing the cytokine storm.  Cytokine storm is the massive inflammatory response by our body trying to fight off the foreign invader in the body.  Doctors are concluding that it is the cytokine storm that is responsible for causing weird symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease in the children affected by COVID-19.

So, it is essential to take adequate amount of vitamin D if you are not getting enough sunlight daily. The recommended amount is 400 IU at least per day.

Check with your doctor for what amount of vitamin D you might need.

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