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When I travel for work, I need to get sufficient sleep sleeping at an unfamiliar place like a hotel and get up the next day and be fresh.  It is very important for me to get good night’s sleep so that I can be fully functional without feeling groggy or tired. And taking sleeping pills makes me feel groggy the next day unable to have a sharp focus.

And more are more people are reporting having trouble falling asleep or insomnia whether it is stress-related or poor diet.

Here are some food and suggestions that might help with your sleep.

These are the food you can eat at night.



A rich source of potassium and magnesium.  Magnesium helps muscles to relax, which, in turn, help you fall asleep.

L-tryptophan; an amino acid in banana has sedative effects. And banana contains vitamin B6, necessary for the production of Melatonin.   sleep


Turkey contains tryptophan, the amino acid that causes your brain to produce more Melatonin.

Tart Cherry

It has a high content of Melatonin.  Studies show that people with insomnia improved in falling sleep faster and sleeping better when they drank tart juice two time daily.


Almonds contains Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.  It also has magnesium which aids in falling asleep faster.


Oats are rich in Melatonin.  Grains in oatmeal raise the blood sugar naturally and make you feel sleepy.

Chamomile Tea

Apigenin, an antioxidant, binds to certain receptor in the brain and may help with better sleep.  A study shows that people who consumed 270 mg of chamomile extract two times per day for 28 days fell asleep faster by 15 minutes and woke up less during the night.


When I travel and need to get good sleep, I eat pasta for early dinner.  It makes me feel content and fall asleep.  Carbohydrates facilitate tryptophan production.  Eating carbs like pasta causes a rise in blood sugar, followed by a plunge in insulin levels that can cause tiredness.    purely inspired

And if I still can't fall asleep early, I take a magnesium pill (250 mg) and Purely Inspired Essentials Sleep. 

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 Also, note that if you are deficient in vitamin C, you might have trouble falling asleep or have restless leg syndrome.

leg crampSigns of Magnesium Deficiency

Food to Avoid!

Ice cream, cake, meat, spicy or heavy food, anything with caffeine, etc. alcohol, etc.  You should refrain from caffeine after 4pm or so.  Also, heavy or fried food sit in your stomach for a long time and keep you awake since your system will be working all night to digest that.

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