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Sustainable Fashion Day | New York Fashion Week, by Planet Fashion. Eco-friendly Fashion


This year, for the first time, a very special show was launched during the NYFW by Planet Fashion TV.  Talented emerging designers gathered together joining forces in the green earth movement. It was refreshing to see fashion industry no longer sits on the side lines watching our planet turn into a landfill with toxic waste.  We are seeing designers taking initiatives to raise global awareness for more sustainable fashion.  From evening gowns, casual wear, jewelry and bags, designers are inventing new fashionable items using natural material.  

Oliver Tolentino flowerAngela Clark

Two years ago in 2016, a Hollywood actress, Emma Watson, made an appearance at the Met Gala dressed in a sleek monochrome gown woven from yarn made of recycled plastic bottles.  It was a bold statement, however, did not exactly represent everyday wear for you and me.  Now we are beginning to see changes, from an ideal to a practice.  

Sustainable Fashion Day took place at an utterly unique venue, Ideal Glass Studios, in lower east side in Manhattan, New York.  I walked to the front of the building looking for the address of 22 E. 2nd Street and felt a bit confused seeing graffiti on the wall.  Then I saw a crowd of pretty-looking people waiting to get in. Ideal Glass Studio

As I walk in, there is a runway with guest seats with a bit of industrial feeling, which was perfect for the theme.  It is slightly edgy with artistic & young vibe versus old and stuffy.  A special performance by Sophie Beam added even more vibrant energy to this positively-spirited evening.  

Five designers showcased their eco-friendly collections, Oliver Tolentino who dresses stars like Jessica Alba, Angela Clark the designer of ethical and sustainable Accessories, Bridget Artise, Tony Vision and Eugyeene Teh.  Models walked down the runway in colorful & chic dresses, sweaters & pants, and sparking jewelry over sheer dresses with their eyes painted in teal blue.     

A notable collection was by Oliver Tolentino (Beverly Hills, CA) who designs couture dresses with the fibers of pineapple leaves.  When I hear pineapple, I think of a sweet & tar fruit. But these fibers are extracted out of the green leaf part of pineapples.  Commoners in Philippines have been using this fabric for over 300 years.  Out of curiosity, I touch the fabric with my hand and it feels more like fine linen.  You can wash it in water with Wool Light. No dry cleaning!  That’s right.  And it can be styled very couture and wearable as in the photos here.   

Oliver Tolentino yellow

Oliver Tolentino red

Let’s briefly understand why this matters to you and me.  

Synthetic fibers such as polyester are popular because of their lower cost, mass production and customization. But they are derived from petroleum, thus not bio-degradable nor non-renewable and result in toxic waste products. Conversely, natural fibers such as hemp, pineapple fibers(pa) and cotton are renewable and biodegradable.   

During production, synthetic fibers are treated with harmful chemicals. And they don’t simply breathe. In Summer time, the fabric also traps odors, which is why linen and cotton have always been preferred clothing choice in hot weather. 

Not only synthetic fibers have negative impact on health and earth, but also it has a negative ethical impact - taking jobs away from local farmers.      

In this sense, I applaud the efforts of these designers trying to create sustainable but more fashionable wear and products and also invite industry leaders and Hollywood to take more active roles in this movement.

This event was made possible by Planet Fashion TV founded by Celia Evans. Planet Fashion TV is based in Miami, Florida. This is a travel meets style show that broadcasts in the USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Columbia, France, Germany, Russia and Australia. You can currently watch the show weekly on the Beach Channel, and Lifestyle Network.  You can read more at

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Bridget Artiste

Bridget Artiste

Oliver Tolentino evening

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