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Magnesium Benefits & Deficiencies

Apples and carrots, for instance, now grown have much less vitamins and minerals than those from decades ago. Modern agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of minerals from the soil. Hence, a lot of us are mineral-deficient these days.  

Also, when we eat a lot of acidic food such as coffee, meat, dairy and bagels, etc., it could cause magnesium deficit.  When body's pH is too acidic, our body responds to counter this by releasing calcium and magnesium from bones to make it more alkaline and by breaking down muscles to release ammonia (alkaline). Exhaustion and stress can also deplete magnesium level in the body.  This depletion will make the amount of calcium increase in the body causing symptoms like eye-twitching or kidney stones.

If you have some of the signs below, you might want to have your doctor check your mineral level.

1.   Muscle soreness and cramps

Muscle weakness is one of the most common signs of magnesium deficiency.  When the electrolytes magnesium and calcium are present in the right ratio to one another, the right balance between tension and relaxation in the muscles exists.  With magnesium deficit, this balance is lost.

2.   Fatigue 

Magnesium is necessary in creating energy in our cells. 

3.   Sugar craving  

Craving for sugar could mean a lack of nutrients like chromium and magnesium.  

4.   Insomnia    

Magnesium provides huge help in activating parasympathetic nerve system. And this helps your brain relax.

5.   Severe headaches 

If you lack in vitamin A, B, C and D. It can lead to frequent headaches, usually on only one side of the head.  With low magnesium, the blood vessels in your brain start to narrow and expand quickly causing extreme pain.

6.   Acid reflux  

Magnesium prevents the release of food and stomach acid into the esophagus. With lack of it, this process reverses and the acid flows into esophagus.

7.   Chronic pain & fibromyalgia  

With low magnesium level, the nervous system can be easily overexcited.  And it can increase muscle tension.

8.   Bone problem 

Low level magnesium increases the risk of bone problems, especially bone fracture. Without magnesium, calcium is not properly metabolized.

9.   Stress and apathy 

It helps building a strong nerve system and help you relax.

10.   Constipation   

 It has a relaxing effect on many parts of the body including digestive system.  

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