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Are Psychics Real?

I have been approached by so-called psychics at various places whether on the street, at Macy’s or sitting at a Hotel lobby.   

They will approach me and say, “I am picking up your energy and feel that you have this and that problem in life and can help you”. Curiously enough, these people always show up when I am actually feeling down for professional or relationship problems I am having at the time. For me, I must say it was mostly when I was having a painful relationship problem. 

They will accurately describe my situation, offer their advice and promise they can help you. Once you begin to believe them a bit and then, of course, there comes the demand for a large sum of money ranging from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. Let’s face it. Most of these are gypsies and it is a family business, meaning they have been cheating and cunning people for generations.  The mother taught the daughter how to read fortune and make money off other vulnerable people like you and me. 

You pay and, of course, don’t see results they promise. You still have the same problem and are not happy. You just got played for a fool, wasted money and more importantly, put yourself in a very negative and dangerous zone. 

After years of going thru this bullshit and wasting my hard-earning money, finally I understood what it really was about. Yes, some of them do see your past, present and try to guess the future. Knowing your affairs, they borrow their supernatural ability from a source.  The problem is the source. Which supernatural being are they drawing their power from?  Unfortunately, it is, most often, from the dark side, meaning they are demons or real nasty and pathological beings from the lower 4th dimension. 

95% of the psychics has had a familiar spirit serving in their family for generations. This familiar spirit (a demon) saw you break up with your boyfriend 2 weeks ago, what you had for breakfast and your entire family history. Since they are spirits, they see it all. So, when you walk on the street feeling sad, they whisper to that psychic that you are a vulnerable prey for a grab. So when a psychics knows your life, it is a demon whispering the information to the psychic.This is the reason why they seem to know stuff about you.   

Of course, some of the psychic are pure con artists with no ability or whatsoever, out to make money off you. They just lie through their teeth. 

Have you noticed their predictions are wrong more often than not?  It is because the futures is not set, and they don’t really know the future. There are too many variables that go into the future and it changes depending on the decisions each individual makes. 

Now, the danger here is, by consulting them, you just put yourself in the hand of an enemy- a cold, nasty and pathological being. They are not there to help you but rather to destroy you for their entertainment. I will give you a real example. I ran across this seemingly sweet little girl, “Anna” who practices the craft in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She acted like a friend to me. Sometimes her describing some things in my life was scary. Sometime, she will tell you the truth and fed me lies other times, which confused the hell out of me. I think I was quite lonely at the time, which made me gullible to her manipulation. In hindsight, she was leading me to dead end situations in relationship, which caused disappointment and misery (I am too embarrassed to say its detail).  And she gave me some horrible business advice.  If I had taken her advice, it would have put me in a financial disaster and tremendous stress emotionally. Luckily, I distanced myself from her in time and did not act on her advice. Of course, she was furious that I did not take her advice. 

Another time, my mother’s friend recommended that some psychic was great in Korea. So, I went to see her.  Again, she knew something about my past and present and made some predictions about the future. Of course, it was totally wrong (She told me I would have a baby. I never did!) Strangely enough, she dies of an illness abruptly within a few years. Have you noticed these psyhic’s places are often shabby? Here is the thing. God does not bless them. In fact, the minute he sees them doing evil, they get cut off from him. Then they have to draw on their vital power to maintain their supernatural power, which will lead to illness and death. 

I have several examples like these that are bogus and left me with dissatisfaction.  Such waste of money! 

What happened here?  She acted like a friend by pretending to care about me and telling some truth mixed with lies. It can be quite deadly to mix 99% truth with 1% lie.  It is like giving someone good wine 3 times and give poisoned wine on the 4th time after you let your guard down. 

Two, she tried to lead me to break God’s commandment. It is the main goal of the devil to make you sin(depart from God) and they will come at you with all their tricks. They know your weakness because they are supernatural beings. The funny thing is she even mentioned God sometimes. I should have asked which God?  Some of them followed various gods like Brahma, Shiva, the destroyer and try to trick me saying, “All gods are one”. This is not true. One true God is the creator. The devil is the destroyer.  All the other Deities are our adversaries, demons pretending to be Gods.  Also, some claim to talk to archangels, saints, ascended masters or whatever. They delude themselves, not just you. They are talking to demons that pretend to be archangels and other higher beings who will throw a lot of garbage information at you. 

In the Bible, it says, “you know by their fruit”.  Look at the fruits that this girl, “Anna” brought to my life. They are useless, hurtful, unfulfilled and lead you into despair and confusion.  In the meantime, they are laughing their head off watching you each misery they bring to you. You are their entertainment. Also, they take your positive energy by doing this because they have None being cut off from God. 

These demons will throw a lot of garbage information to your direction.  It will cause confusion in your head. And confusion is spiritually weakening. God is not the master of confusion. 

That’s why it says in the Bible it is better not to deal with fortune-tellers. They are more clever and powerful than you are, most of us are not equipped to be able to distinguish their tricks and masks.

Now that I know what they are, they no longer stop me on the street.  If they do, I politely decline and walk away.  

It is not to say all readers are evil. There are people with spiritual gifts of prophecy, seeing, energy-reading, etc. Seers are quoted in the Bible. You really have to know who they are and check their fruits.  And they are not likely out telling fortunes trying to make some money off you nor lead you to dead end situations. 

And if you are a truly spiritual person abiding by God’s law, you have to conform to No. 1 Spiritual Law of “Always tell the truth”.  Another fact is that even if you are a truly good spiritual person, you still cannot see beyond 1-2 months in the future.  Again, there are too many variables that go into the future.   

My conclusion is if you are unhappy, have problems in life, you should connect directly with God, be a good person, serve him and pray.  If he deems that it is the right thing for you, he will provide what you need in due time. At least, that’s how my life is turning out to be.         

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