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This is very delicious mushroom.  I found these yellow oyster mushrooms and pickled them with olive oil and vinegar and canned them by steam bath for long-term storage. It is easy and nice to have in your pantry.  

Wash mushrooms in water first to remove any dirt.   

  1. Boil them in water. Just bring them to boil and turn the fire off.   Oyster mushroom
  2. Drain and remove excess water by pressing them and let them sit in a drainer for 30 minutes.
  3. Pickling liquid: Boil olive oil and vinegar together to bring it to a quick boil and 1ts of sea salt.
  4. In a clean bottom, stuff mushrooms, add 1-2 cloves of garlic, dried basil, lemon salt, dried thyme (you can use any other spice you like) and pepper.
  5. Pour the liquid (#4) over the mushrooms. Take a stick, poke around inside the bottle and get rid of air bubbles in the bottle. 
  6. Put the sterilized cap on. Put the bottle in the boiling water bath for 10  Canned mushroom minutes.
  7. Take the bottles out of the water pot and let them cool on the counter.
  8. Store them in a dark, cool place and Bon Appetite!

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