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One of my important herbal supplements to take these days against COVID is Neem leaves for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Neem is a tree that  grows mostly in South East Asia and Africa and has light purple flowers and yellow berries.  Neem has been used in Indian traditional medicine for centuries with the name of “sarva roga nivarini” (that which cures all diseases). And the names says a lot.  

I know African healers also use neem leaves + ginger + lemon (boiled together in water) to fight Malaria and Covid-19:  drink this tea at least once a day (but no more than 2 times a day).  But you should not take it for a prolonged period beyond 10-12 weeks.  I take it when I get sick and a few weeks thereafter.   

Neem tree

Mainly, I use it to fight long Covid symptoms or flu, detox my blood and boost immune system. It has many other benefits and uses for acne, gum disease, diabetes, lice, intestinal parasites, insect repellent, diahrea, etc.  Here, we will discuss the ones of interest.


1.  Fights Malaria

Neem contains alkaloids and Liminoids. Nimbin and Nimbidin, which are alkaloids, have antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Geduin, a Liminoid, has been used to treat malaria in Africa. 

A study showed that the neem leaf extract reduced the parasitemia level in mice was about 51-80%.  It was also shown that the limonoids in neem, especially azadirachtin, was very effective against malaria vectors such as Mosquito larva.

Neem leaf and extracts are also used to ward off malaria-carrying mosquitoes for up to 12 hours.  Neem oil is widely used as a natural pesticide in gardening.


2.  Cleans blood

Neem is a detoxifying agent. It aids in removing toxins from the liver and kidneys, purifies blood and facilitates delivery of oxygen.  Neem leaf and bark having over 17 active chemical compounds work to remove impurities from blood.  This is interesting. It could perhaps help remove residual spike protein pieces from COVID-19, which might be the main cause for long COVID. 

I take Neem leaf capsules and have the Neem circulating in my system for about 10 weeks to detox.  It also has a high level of antioxidants, which protect the DNA and red blood cells from damages.


3.  Strengthens immune system

70% of our immune system is in the gut.  Your gut has roughly 100 trillion microbes making a home.  These bacteria help in producing hormones and other chemicals to support optimal functioning of the body.  As you know, synthetic pesticides and antibiotics kill these beneficial bacteria, upsetting the bacteria balance in the gut.  It subsequently will affect your overall health and energy level.

Neem protects your gut by helping in removing toxins and harmful bacteria.  Neem has been always used to treat ulcers and gastritis.  It reduces the amount of acid in the gut.

Neem also contains compounds that help restore and maintain a healthy gut flora. They disrupt bacterial biofilm (bad bacteria) and inhibit the fungi from attaching themselves to the gut lining while protecting the good bacteria in the gut.


4.  Fights cancer

it has the ability to induce cell death, inhibit cell proliferation, and boost your immune response against tumor cells. Interestingly, research shows that neem may also enable certain anticancer drugs to work more effectively.

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