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Luck is Synchronicity, Universe aligning to give you a lift, God's Blessing!


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Lucky Items, Fengshui - If you place them in your house, they will bring money, wealth, good luck, health and success.

In Asia, it is a common practice to place certain items inside home for good luck. Also, the name of my website, "Chanceuses" means "lucky" in French.

Let me share a few items here:

green plant

Green plants 

A green plant is a life form, which is supposed to bring vitality and good luck to your home.  It should be a green plant like bamboo or money tree without flowers.  Place it near the entrance of your home.  Also, plants have air purifying qualities for the indoor environment.  On the contrary, fake plants or flowers have reverse effects. 


Salt was used as currency in ancient times.  It represents an increase in money and wealth.  Also, it repels evil spirits.  Put a bulk of sea salt in a jar and place it at the entrance of your home.  It will increase money & wealth in life.  salt


A turtle is a symbol of health and longetivity.  Money is not everything.  Without health, money doesn’t mean much.  A turtle item should be placed in a bedroom, not in the living room. 


It represents wealth and having good luck in taking tests.  The head of an elephant item should NOT be facing toward the door.  It should face toward inside your home.  elephant

Golden Frame 

Gold color represents luck and success in terms of energy.  Place a photo of you smiling happily in ta golden frame and wait for good news to come, over time. 

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