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I knew very little about menopause. My mother never discussed it with me. I just vaguely knew it had something to do with not having periods any more. In fact, no one ever explained what kind of impact it would have on your life. It seems that our previous generation felt ashamed or saw it as the end of the womanhood and kept it very quite. But it is not the case at all.  You still can enjoy being a woman for much longer years. You just need to take good care of yourself. And if someone explained to me what I could do to relieve its symptoms, it would have made the transition much easier.

Menopause is often preceded by peri-menopause 1 or 2 years prior when you start to have irregular periods and hot flashes. With age, our ovaries gradually make less estrogen, female sex hormone, which causes all the annoying changes in your body. When you enter the actual menopause, periods completely stop as estrogen level drops drastically.  You feel hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal atrophy, mood swings and stiff joints.  Your hair and skin become drier and thinner.  You notice the change in your body like more fat around the waist and less body muscle overall.

Most women experience menopause in their 40s or 50s although it can vary depending on the individual.  I have seen someone who had it in her late 30s.  But that is unusual.

As a woman, these changes can be quite depressing, discouraging and dampen your spirit.  However, we live in a modern society where there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself with some of these symptoms.

It can be really annoying to feel hot flashes at inconvenient times like at a business meeting or at a a restaurant.  But there are supplements you can take to reduce these symptoms. 


Red Clove:  is known to reduce hot flashes. It contains compounds similarly found in soy, known as isoflavones that act as phytoestrogens.  However, scientific studies on this are not conclusive. A study showed ‘Red clover has in vivo estrogenic effects in the rat uterus and vaginal cells but not in the mammary gland’ (The Journal of Nutrition).

red clover

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Black Cohosh:  As with red clove, some women claim that black cohosh has helped them with hot flashes.  Again, scientific studies are inconclusive on this. 

evening primrose oil

Evening Primrose Oil:  This will help with your skin and hair issues.  GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) in Evening Primrose Oil is known to improve skin firmness and elasticity and to prevent hair loss. (Read Evening Primrose for Hair Loss).  GLA is one of the essential fatty that our body cannot produce.  Therefore, the only way to get it is by taking supplements. 

Olive Oil & Avocado Oil:  Your vaginal wall gets thinner with menopause causing pain with intercourse.  But it is depressing to quit sex all together.  These oils can help with vaginal dryness (Read more).  I use olive oil mixed with avocado oil and it works well for me.  Also, there are special lubricants you can buy that are more effective for older women.   olive oil

Another important thing is to stay active and work out.  You want to keep your heart strong, stay in shape and strengthen your muscle since your body begins to go flabby with menopause.  We don’t want unattractive flabby arms and legs, do you?

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