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I managed to make Kimchi since I am home a lot due to this pandemic.  It is spicy and delicious with garlic and ginger. Once you prepare all the cabbage (excellent for health) and seasning, you just mix them together and store in jars in the refrigerator.   kimchi


Asian (subway) lettuce                      1 head

Coarse sea salt (*It has to be sea salt, not table salt)


For Seasoning

Sweet rice powder                          1 TS  

Filtered water                                  2 ½ Cup (* Important because you don’t want the taste of tab water)

Korean red pepper flakes               1 Cup     (Taeyahngcho brand is the only brand I would use for best taste)

red pepper      

Premium Korean Red Pepper Coarse Powder, 1 Pound, $15.99 Amazon

Garlic (minced)                                3 TS

Ginger (minced)                              ½ -  1 TS

Sugar                                               1 -  1 ½ TS

Asian pear (minced)                        1 (You can use regular pear but make sure it is ripe- makes a difference in the taste)

Onion (minced)                                ½ of an onion

Daikin radish                                    ½  

Green onion                                     1 bundle (I only used the green parts)

Korean sand lance & fish sauce       4 TS (click on the photo to the right- they have it on Amazon)  fish sauce

Salted shrimp                                    2 TS (I didn’t have it, so used tiny dried shrimps from a Chinese store)

Fresh oysters                                     7-8 (I use Korean oysters frozen at the source) or fresh calamaris or shrimp

Filtered water                                    2 ½ Cup (* Important because you don’t want the taste of tab water)


  1. Rinse lettuces and cut them into 4 pieces. 
  2. Soak them in salt water for 15 minutes so that they become soft.  
  3. Take them out of the salt water.     
  4. Sprinkle salt generously on each leaf of the lettuce- lift each leaf with your hand and sprinkle salt in between leaves.    cabbage
  5. Let them sit for 6 hours.   
  6. Rinse them under water about 3 times (otherwise it would be too salty. Taste a piece after rinsing to see how salty it is).
  7. Squeeze water out of lettuce. (you don't want kimchee too be too watery- wear gloves)
  8. Pour the seasoning over the lettuce and mix well wearing plastic gloves. Make sure to lift each leaf and insert the seasoning in between leaves.    
  9. Put the seasoned lettuces in a container and refrigerate. It will be ready to eat in 2-3 days.



1.  Put a 1 TS of sweet rice power in 2 ½ Cup of cold filtered water in a pan.  Boil on medium heat but stir frequently so that it is mixed well until it thickens a bit and turns semi-transparent  Make sure you cool broth this before using.

(Or soak sweet rice in water for hours and use this)   radish

2.  Cut the ½ - 1 radish into thin strips.

3.  Mix all the above seasoning ingredient with # 1 (filtered   water- it is already mixed with sweet rice powder).

4.  Taste it to see to if it needs more salt, garlic, etc.


Kimchi is a great food staple to have.  Not only is healthy (abundant with live culture) but also it is tasty.  After enjoying it fresh for a week or so, you can make fried rice with diced ham, butter and a little bit of sesame oil.


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