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I am a big sunglass fan because they make me look stylish and protect my eyes.  To me, it makes sense to invest in a pair of glasses with high performance lenses for your eyes instead of buying a super-pricy brand name sunglasses with regular plastic lenses. Our eyes are important and I think everyone should own a pair of these glasses if you drive a lot or enjoy outdoor activities.  I drive a lot for work and these are essential for clear vision and my safety. 

Bollé developed Phantom lenses, a combination of 3 advanced technologies that changes how you see the surroundings.  It is a different and crystal clear world you see through these lenses.   Right photo below is with NXT lens.


Made with NXT material with increased optical clarity close to that of a mineral lens -  Perfect vision is crucial if you are to perform at your best whether driving, playing golf or any sports.   

NXT is one of the strongest materials on the market.  Originally adapted from military use – jet canopies and helicopter windshields – lenses are subject to rigorous high-velocity impact tests. 

NXY material is close to the lightest lens material available today, at 14% lighter than polycarbonate. And of course, they protect you 100% from harmful UV rays. 

The lenses are also treated and coated for anti-fog and anti-oil (Hydrophobic/Oleophobic treatment). 

Bollé also introduced a new lens in 2019, the HD Polarized Lens.  Made with polycarbonate, this new lens has two essential features, “HD” a contrast-enhancing filter and polarization technology which protects your eyes from reflected sunlight.   

Anti-reflective coating:  Light reflected on the inside of the lenses can harm your eyes.  Bolle HD Polarized lenses are coated with scientifically-engineered anti-reflective coating. 

They also offer adjustable nosepiece and temples. 

Some of my favorites are 


For active lifestyle      holman floatable

Lightweight and flexible TY90 nylon delivers great comfort and fit.  They float in water so that you never lose them in water.


Injected in lightweight and strong TR90 nylon and available with standard or polarized lenses.   



Designed for cycling but also great for golf, running and tennis    bolt

Phantom Lens/HD Polarized Lenses 

Adjustable nosepiece 

Thermo grip 

Bounce-free design 

Reviews say the photo dimming is amazing, lenses are crisp, clear and very sharp - zero distortion at the edges.”, “Oakley sometimes has that and it causes you to hit behind the ball because you do not know where the ball is at”, “I saw lee Westwood playing with these in the British Open and found them appealing. My oakleys were my favorite but I still hated wearing them for full swings because they distracted me. These don't! These are made by ski goggle makers who get the need for peripheral vision and it shows.

AEROMAX       aeromax

Designed for cycling, Large coverage for wide horizontal and vertical fields of vision. 

Phantom Lens 

Interchangeable lenses 

Adjustable Nosepiece/ Adjustable Temples 

Thermo grip

Reviews say Light weight and stay on your face without moving and you don't even know your wearing glasses. Wrap around frames give excellent field of vision and shed water and sweat so you can still see. Best sunglasses I have owned. 


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