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Fur Coat Women

Fur is practical, my mother says one day.  I was shocked to hear it.  When we hear of a mink coat, immediately we think of it as an extravagant, luxury and expensive item.  I almost felt guilty owning one at times.  But over the years, I came to a revelation that Fur is actually practical. Here is why... 

It is the warmest coat you will own .  When it is freezing outside and you are cold to your bones, fur beats a down coat in terms of heat insulation.  So, it is practical in a functional sense. 

Also, it lasts for a long time like over 10-20 year if it is kept well.  I have owned several down coats but always end up giving them away after 2 years or so.  Style changes and I get tired of looking at them.  It just is not that stylish in the end nor makes me look gorgeous as a woman.  With my black fur coat given to me by my mother 15 years ago, it is still stylish and keeps me warm and luxurious.  I am not afraid of walking around in icy cold New York weather in January.  

And if you break down the cost over a 10 year period, it is worth it versus spending $200-$300 per down coat every 2-3 years.  Sometime, a good fur coat lasts over 20 years.  It is something that will keep you warm and stylish into later years, thus worth the investment in my opinion.

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