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Luck is Synchronicity, Universe aligning to give you a lift, God's Blessing!


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Faith is trusting in God, so that God may do amazing things in your life.

Here is one example.  I ended up flying out to Buffalo for work last minute in June.  After work, I took a 30 minute UBER ride up to Niagara Falls since I have never been there. This was in June when the weather was not too hot nor too cold to walk around wet splashed by water all over.  And this was not a planned trip for me.  In short, things were perfectly lined up by Universe for me to see Niagara.

And its beauty was breathtaking and well exceeded my expectation. It was simply majestic!  And I know in my heart this trip was a gift.  We don't see God with our eyes or hear with our ears.  We feel his presence with our hearts as with love. And that's how Faith works.

And I hope your receive and experience your own gift through faith in the Ultimate Creator. 

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