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We all know that the olive oil has excellent health benefits.  But did you know that it can also help women after menopause maintain vaginal lubrication?  I read somewhere you could massage it inside the vagina about twice a week. Today, I was in my gynecologist’s office and asked her about it.  My gynecologist confirms that it is ok to use and says I could even use it in twice a day. In fact, applying olive oil to vulva on regular basis could help protect the skin.  This is great news for me since my poor vagina took a beating from intercourse due to vaginal dryness. It resulted in a vaginal tear for me...painful!  The doctor was asking me if I used a toy.  No, I did not! I am just over 50 years old with dryness.  

With menopause, the vaginal wall gets thin and dry due to drop in hormones.  Olive oil (and vitamin E oil) massages help protect and strengthen the skin.   olive oil

This is how you use it. I am so excited to share this! It is like a magic potion. I actually add a little bit of avocado oil for myself. It seems to work better for me. (Read about avocado oil benefits here)

  1.  Massage the oil into vulva with a finger.    
  1.  Or take a 1.5in x 1.5in clean cotton piece, roll it into a small tampon and soak it in olive oil.  Insert it into the vagina and leave it for 15 minutes before taking it out.  

And, please make sure use a fresh extra virgin olive oil, not the olive that has been sitting on the kitchen counter forever! 

One of the most abundant fatty acids in olive oil is Oleic acid    (monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid). Oleic acid is incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids.  This is important for membrane fluidity that affects hormone responsiveness, infectivity of pathogens, mineral transport and immune competence.  That explains why it is good at fighting free radical damage in cells. 

That, combined with polyphenols, powerful antioxidants in olive oil, fight    hair lossinflammation. Bioactive phenolic compounds have positive effects on plasma lipoproteins, oxidative damage, inflammatory markers, cellular function and antimicrobial activity. 

Caution:  using oil with condom could break down the rubber of the condom. You need to consider birth control issue. 

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