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It doesn't necessarily cost a lot of money to be romantic if you are creative and put a little bif of effort into it.  Without activities led by us, women, relationship becomes dull and men blame us (not fair!) or even cheat.
These are some of the activities you can do together.

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1.   Attend a lecture together at a museum or online these days.    

2.   Visit an antique show, flea market and browse together.

3.   Go bike riding, fishing, or roller blading. Fly a kite in a park or at the beach.

4.   Get dressed up and enjoy an elegant lunch at a favorite or fancy restaurant.

5.   Have a picnic at the beach with a picnic basket, bask in the Sun and enjoy a glorious day.                                          
6.   Play strip poker with a nice bottle of wine in front of a fire place if you are lucky to have one.                                                                                                              

7.   Have a film festival at home; rent three movies, critique, serve steamed artichoke, wine and cheese.

8.   Soak in a scented bath together with candle lights and eat a grand dinner after bath.

9.   Organize old photos from your childhood into an album and share childhood memories.

10.  Visit a local orchard for peaches, apples, pumpkin, etc. together enjoying fabulous weather.

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