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Why alcohol is bad for body

There are many holiday parties in December whether they are work-related or family events.  Alcohol will be free-flowing everywhere in the city.  I gave some serious thoughts about whether I should be drinking or not.  Sure, it is fun to let loose sometimes since life can be stressful and alcohol seems to relieve stress momentarily.  Alcohol basically numbs your senses and frees inhibition.  We all know that.  

However, I am coming to a conclusion the bad outweighs the good.  In fact, it is rather detrimental to your whole well-being.   

Alcohol, basically, causes tissue injuries all over your body.  It affects virtually every organ and tissue by direct interaction with cellular components.   

    1.   Worst for your skin!    

      It damages skin elasticity and causes premature aging. Creates inflammation throughout your body and skin causing dehydration, dullness, enlarged pores, discoloration, sagging, wrinkles, etc.  Excess alcohol also alters blood flow to the skin and leaves an unhealthy appearance for days.  

        2.   Weakens muscle tissues. 

          Alcohol damages muscle tissues in your heart, legs and other organs resulting in myalgia, muscle weakness and pain, renal impairment and myoglobinuria, rhabdomyolysis, etc. 

            3.   Bad for your heart 

              It can cause cardiomyopathy meaning stretching and drooping of the heart muscles, irregular heartbeats, stroke and high blood pressure in the long run.  Your heart cannot pump adequate blood supply to other parts of the body. 

                4.   Severe damage to liver including Steatosis, or fatty liver, Alcoholic hepatitis,   Fibrosis and Cirrhosis     milk thistle(Read about milk thistle by clicking on the photo).

                    5.   Damage to pancreas 

                      Pancreas make insulin and other chemicals to help you break down food.  Alcohol disrupts this process and the chemicals stay inside the pancreas.  This with toxin from alcohol causes inflammation in the organ, which could lead to diabetes 

                        6.   Weakens your immune system.   

                          Your body cannot make the white blood cells it needs to fight off germs.  I have noticed I tend to catch a cold after a night of excessive drinking.  It makes you more susceptible to cold, pneumonia and tuberculosis and other infections. 

                            7.   Impairs bone fracture healing. 

                              It inhibits bone fracture repair at an early state in the healing process.  The canonical Wnt signaling pathway plays a crucial role in bone formation.  Alcohol interferes with this pathway and may inhibit both cartilage and bone formation in the fracture callus.   

                                8.   It alters your growth and other hormone production and causes gene dysregulation.  Hormone and genes play a key role maintaining a healthy body and skin.  Alcohol disrupts them from functioning normally. 
                                    9.   Hearing loss 

                                      Alcohol can cause hearing loss over long term.  It either messes with the part of the brain that processes sound or damages delicate nerves and tiny hair in our ear.  

                                        10.   Interrupts sleep.  You don’t get the REM sleep you need to feel fully-rested.  Body and skin rejuvenate during your sleep.  Alcohol triggers a stress hormone (norepinephrine) that makes your alert causing you to wake up. 


                                          In addition, it increases the risk for cancer.  Another thing I want to emphasize is that alcohol dulls your senses.  It affects your senses, memory and clear mind.  Your mind is foggy next day.  Don’t you want to live a full life being able to focus on your work and moments you are spending with your loved ones?  I, certainly, do.  Life is too short.  I want to clearly remember all the precious time I spend with my loved ones in life.  I don’t want these memories to be hazy and even lose entirely due to alcohol. 

                                          So, I concluded it is best not to drink for these reasons.  But if you still want to, please just have one glass and have a sparkling water or a mocktail the rest of the night.  And make sure you have something to eat.  Don’t drink on empty stomach.  Food slows the absorption of alcohol in stomach. 

                                          Liver can break down 1 ounce of alcohol in 1 hour.  The excess(toxin) gets stored in your cells which you don’t want!   

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