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Luck is Synchronicity, Universe aligning to give you a lift, God's Blessing!


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I am re-publishing this article now because it is the time to let the world know about the unseen spirit world and God, of course.

A most remarkable and unusual thing happened to me last week.  On April 17th of 2015, I just had returned from a short solo trip from Titusville, Florida.  I have a timeshare there and basically went for a week to unwind from the recent stress I was going through at work, sit on the beach and clear my head to look for a new direction in my life.  During the trip, I drove through Merritt Island Wild Life Refuge   Merrit Island Wild Life Refugeone day where vegetation and animals are kept in their wild state.  As I drove thru the narrow winding road of while dirt surrounded by Florida swamp and sea, I marveled at the sight of pure nature as it was, lush green trees, various curious birds flying high in the sky or diving to peck at fish in the ocean or alligators lazing around on warm mud land.  There was hardly anyone there since it was somewhat off season.  I would occasionally get out of my car and stand in the middle of the white road and just stand there alone soaking up the nature.  I have been feeling alone with no family or a spouse for some time.  However, at that moment the division between me and nature was disappearing.  It felt as if I was connected to the nature itself.  The warm Florida Sun of April was nourishing my body and peaceful chirping of birds was calming my mind as I stood on the white road in the refuge.

Friday night I returned to New York from my trip, I had a most peculiar dream.  In my dream, a name “Ariel” was spoken to me three times.  Not just one time, it was exactly three times as if it was meant to clearly register in my brain.  Also, it imprinted an impression on me it was some sort of angel. I woke up in the morning wondering what the meaning was.  I do not have anyone around me with that name, “Ariel”. No family, friend or acquaintance has that peculiar name around me so, I could not have been thinking about the person possibly.

Then, I started wondering perhaps it was a smaller unknown angel or even a dark angel and went on internet to research further on that name.  To my surprise, there is an archangel called, “Ariel”.  I have always known about Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Rafael having gone to a Catholic school as a child (by the way, I am not Catholic) but never knew there was an archangel called, “Ariel”.  In Korea where I grew up, they don’t teach about this name since they are not aware.  What’s even more surprising is that Archangel Ariel is an Angelic Ambassador of Nature, Animals, Elementals, Divine Magic, and Manifestation is in charge of nature, animals and healing.  Ariel is a Guardian and healer of Animals and is an ally toward conservation of our natural world.

This archangel made himself/herself known to me through my dream all the sudden.  It was not clear to me whether it was he or she in my dream.  What could this mean?  Is it because I connected myself to nature with pure sense?  Or is it that this angel is letting me know I was not alone in nature or we are, in fact, never alone in life and always in the presence of God and angels, especially when we are surrounded by nature, God’s creation?  Or could it be that I began to take an interest in conserving nature and he/she is acknowledging me?  Regardless, I have been a strong believer in conserving nature and have been recently thinking about being more involved in support of clean water or green earth and contributing my efforts to them.  In fact, I had affirmed my contribution to one of the charities on my new business website a few weeks ago.

Now after this dream, not only I know that there exists an Archangel called “Ariel” out there but also have to strengthen my faith in God.  If an angel exists, then God must exit as well by deduction, right?

I don’t know yet exactly what the angel wants from me but believe it will be revealed in time.  And I sincerely thank Archangel Ariel for making himself/herself known in my dream and acknowledging that I am on the right path to the work of preserving nature and healing.  And I look forward to a miraculous journey the Archangel will lead me to in the coming years.

5 years later, I find this woma, Susan, n in Kentucky communicating with Archangel Ariel who correctly prophesized that the Corona Virus padamic was just an earthquake and a tsumani afterward. That is what we see in the world now.  She is marvellous!  

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