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YVES ROCHER's Deep Wrinkle Pen

I am always interested in anti-wrinkle products, especially for forehead and this one is very interesting because it densifies and firms the skin in addition to immediately erasing wrinkles.

Its main ingredient, the Ice Plant, Acacia Gum works on the    Yves Rocherappearance of wrinkles and on skin’s density.  It provides an instantaneous ‘lifting’ effect and improves the skin texture, smoothing over wrinkles and leaving the skin soft and supple. Acacia gum even supports natural fibres such as collagen and elastin.

Acacia Gum also displays strong antioxidant properties and is an exceptionally successful emulsifying agent due to its defensive colloid functionality.  Because of the high water-holding properties of the gum, it gives a smooth appearance on skin. 

The Deep Wrinkle Pen immediately reduces the appearance of even the deepest wrinkles and re-plumps them on the surface. 

Result: In 1 minute, even the deepest wrinkles appear reduced!

The Plus: Its high precision pen shaped tip to target wrinkles.   Korean Plastic Surgery

6 years of research, 4 anti-aging patents in France.
Tested under dermatological supervision. Paraben and colorant free.


*  Some of it reviews:

Deep Wrinkle Pen

"Works like magic. Just in a few minutes small wrinkles are gone and deep ones are hardly noticeable.."

Great for wrinkles

"I have tried so many wrinkle treatments for my deep forehead wrinkles. I am not willing or able to deal with injectables, so topical treatments are my choice. I use a tape at night, and then use this filler by day. I am very pleased with the way this filler minimizes wrinkles, filling them so they are almost invisible. Other filler products I've tried don't do as good a job as this one, and I am thrilled to have this available! You draw it on in the wrinkle line, and gently tap it in. My skin plumps up in the wrinkle, and the wrinkle is blurred and much less noticeable. Very pleased."

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