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Diet.  How to Lose Weight

It is important to stay slim for a woman.  It is to feel good about ourselves, remain attractive to men(which makes life more fun than sitting home alone) and for health reasons.  Being overweight brings various health problems as we all know.  

These are simple tips you can actually follow:

1.  Drink 8 oz. of water at room temperature with squeezed lemon juice, first thing in the morning.

2.  Have cereal with milk, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. This will keep you going until lunch.

3.  Eat a small quantity of walnuts (contains Omega-3 fatty acids) to stimulate metabolism.- pumpkin seeds are good, too. 

4.  For snacks, have crackers with cottage cheese or an apple with peanut butter or a sweet potato (contains Vitamin A +C).

5.  Drink tomato juice before dinner. This will curve your appetite.     intermittent fasting

6.  Eat a large pink grapefruit one hour before dinner (and now I also have a handful of pistachios and it keeps me full).

7.  Eat asparagus with dinner. It has folic acid and fights water retention.  Eating chili pepper will also stimulate metabolism.

8.  Eat a small amount of dark chocolate. It has antioxidants that will keep you young and happy.

8.  Do Intermittent Fasting. Read here.

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