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Cinnamon had abundant health benefits. And I explained why pure (Ceylon) cinnamon is better in my previous blog. What you see at supermarkets are Not pure Cinnamon and contain harmful coumarin.   

Now I am finding out that cinnamon actually has some potential to fight off viruses.

Interestingly, during the 1918 influenza outbreak, cinnamon  cinnamonfactories workers seemed immune to the Spanish flu. Cinnamon powder or oil with milk was a popular remedy to reduce temperature back then.   

Michael Ovadia PhD, a professor at Tel Aviv University, tested and showed that Cinnamon inactivated multiple types of viruses including influenza H1N1, avian influenza H5 & H6, Sendai virus.  His patent-pending cinnamon extract now has a research and license deal with TAU’s technology transfer company Ramot and Frutarom.  It is expected to be used for disinfecting the air as a spray, daily supplements and other applications.

Main components in Cinnamon:

Eugenol (from Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil) inhibited replication of HDV-1 and HSV-2 (Herpes) viruses at doses of 25.6 and of 16.2 microgram/ml, respectively.

Cinnamaldehye (from steam distilling the bark) was effective in inhibiting various bacteria including Staphyolococcus aureus, E. coli and fungi including yeasts.

Also, Cinnamon Cassia Blume was shown to inhibit human respiratory syncytial virus. It was more effective when it was given before viral infection primarily because it intervened viral attachment. Basically, Cinammon interferes with viral protein synthesis and syncytium formation, which stops viral spreading. 

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I now use pure Cinnamon powder in in my coffee or mix it with fresh ginger tea and honey and drink daily. I just love a cup of hot fresh ginger tea with cinnamon every evening. It is also very good for blood circulation and lowering cholesterol.   

With Cinnamon oil, I clean kitchen surface and refrigerator.Buy 

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